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CGP70302NS Café? 30 in. Gas Cooktop


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CGP70302NS Café? 30″ Gas Cooktop


Experience versatility that complements every cooking style thanks to an 18,000 BTU burner. The sealed cooktop burners contain spills for easy cleanup, so you can keep your kitchen sparkling even when preparing large meals. Meanwhile, the white LED backlist, heavy-duty knobs will let you know when a burner is activated at a glance.

  • Versatile burner complements every cooking style

    Sear, fry and sauté on a 18,000 BTU burner

  • More cooking with less cookware

    Get the most from your cooktop and eliminate the need for extra cookware with an extra-large, integrated cooktop griddle as an optional accessory

  • Lights that do more than shine

    Enjoy peace of mind with a touch of style thanks to white LED backlit, heavy-duty knobs that let you know when a burner is activated at a glance

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