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30 in. Low Profile Under Cabinet Ventilation Range Hood with Light in Stainless Steel

  • Low Profile Design gives cooks more room to maneuver
  • 400 CFM Motor Class
  • Perimeter Ventilation for superior quiet, beauty and performance
  • Product Overview


    For cooks who have more to make but less under counter space, this Perimeter Ventilation hood clears the air edge-to-edge with a powerful 400 CFM Class motor, yet with a low profile that leaves room for culinary exploration. WHISPER QUIET System maintains a hushed 0.1 sones (43 dBA) at low speed. Heat-sensor-enabled Auto Speed Setting helps busy cooks keep their cool.

    • Low profile design affords more space between the bottom of the hood and the cooking surface. The visible portion of the hood extends just 2-3/8 in. below the cabinetry above it, enabling ventilation even in limited spaces and offering more room for creativity
    • Perimeter ventilation pulls air from the edges of the hood and speeds up air movement at the center, enabling it to handle up to 65K BTU total heat output from the cooking surface
    • Whisper Quiet System suppresses fan noise with its efficient airflow and covered underside so you can stay focused on your cooking without distraction. The fan operates on low speed at a hushed 0.1 sones (43 dBA), and even at top speed it emits a subdued 5.2 sones (65 dBA). (Based on 6 in. round outlet in the vertical direction. Performance varies based on installation.)
    • Auto speed setting detects via a heat sensor when your cooktop is in use, then automatically adjusts the fan
    • Senses when cooking has begun and switches on the ventilation hood before heat and odors can build up, giving you one less distraction so you can keep your focus on your food
    • Provides precise electronic control with visual feedback on settings and selections. Supports cooking methods such as pan-searing meats by initiating a 10-minute burst of high-speed ventilation to filter smoke and steam, then returning to normal setting
    • Helps you fully utilize the extra cooktop workspace afforded by the hood’s Low Profile Design. Brilliant dual LEDs let you keep a sharp eye on the back burner, and provide a convenient Night Light low setting
    • Capture airborne smoke, grease and odors. The filters work discreetly out of sight behind a premium-finish underhood cover, then clean up effortlessly in the dishwasher to maintain top filtration performance no matter how often and ambitiously you cook