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Total Package Air Fryer Lid


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  • PERFECT FIT FOR ALL 5Qt/6 Qt/8 Qt/10Qt INSTANT POTS: Turning your electric pressure cooker into a fully functional air fryer!

  • ECONOMIZE SHELF SPACE: Avoid wasting precious kitchen counter space by combining Yedi’s “Total Package” Air Fryer Lid with your favorite electric pressure cooker to make the ultimate kitchen appliance.

  • 8 PRESET MODES + DEHYDRATION FUNCTIONALITY: Design your favorite recipes like an artist with 8 selectable on-touch smart preset air fry cooking modes. Furthermore, unlike other comparable products, it comes equipped with the ability to dehydrate foods…think dehydrated fruit snacks, beef jerky, etc.

  • SAFE, HEALTHY, EFFICEINT: The Yedi “Total Package” Air Fryer Lid stands by advanced safety protection and is ETL approved. Furthermore, on average, cooking with the Yedi “Total Package” Air Fryer Lid will provide foods with 95% less fat while still enjoying all your favorite fried, grilled, baked, and roasted foods. Cooking times are faster than a conventional oven, crisper and tastier results.