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Recirculating Kit for VWH3010/3012 – Stainless steel

Clear the air in your kitchen with this Viking recirculating hood conversion kit. This stainless steel accessory mounts above your stove to pull smoke, steam and grease from the air while you cook. Included charcoal filters trap odors to keep the room fresh. This Viking recirculating hood conversion kit cleans air in spaces where you can’t install a ducted vent.


Recirculating Ventilation

Let’s clear the air. When exterior ventilation isn’t an option, direct air out of the canopy and away from the cooking area with a recirculating conversion kit.

Easy Installation

No outside ducting means you’ll create clean air with easy interior installation.

Charcoal Filters

Kitchens don’t smell like kitchens when you remove cooking by-products and odors with charcoal filters.


What’s Included

  • Viking Recirculating Kit for VWH3010/3012
  • Owners manual
  • Charcoal filters